Guiding Statements


"To enhance student potential to improve the world."

We believe that there is a clear need for innovation in the field of education. The current education system needs new teaching methods that could help students gain skills necessary for success in the modern world: an ability to navigate through the vast amount of available information, an ability to turn knowledge into action, skills of effective teamwork and critical thinking, and an ability to express their views.

The creation of a PBL school in Almaty became a starting point in introducing substantial changes to the system of education of Kazakhstan. 


"To nurture next generations of lifelong learners to work together in solving complex challenges."


  • Individual growth of each student

  • Development of Social Emotional Skills

  • Projects that positively impact communities

Learning Objectives

Level 1 Learning Objectives (L1):

  1. Active Citizenship
  2. Creative Problem Solving

Level 2 Active Citizenship (L2): Character


  1. Responsibility
  2. Growth
  3. Awareness
  4. Respect
  5. Freedom
  6. Kindness
  7. Courage

Level 2 Creative Problem Solving (L2):

  1. Learning to Learn
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Teaming
  4. Presentation
  5. Research & Analyze Data
  6. Data-driven Decision Making
  7. Ability to Develop Processes









High Tech Academy Design Principles


  • No more than 20 students per class;
  • Students with learning challenges will receive individual attention and integrated support;
  • Students will pursue personal interests and passions through projects and compile and present their best work in personal digital portfolios.

Real World Connection 

  • HTA students will experience much of their learning outside of the school walls. Each student will complete an academic internship in a local business or agency.
  • Students will also develop substantial projects that connect to problems of interest and concern to the community, and present and exhibit their projects to authentic audiences. 
  • All HTA students will be encouraged to develop a conscious major and to continue their education with leading local and international university partners.


  • HTA teaching staff will be highly qualified and will receive ongoing professional development and training to develop engaging and rich student projects that fully engage students.
  • Teachers will work in inter-disciplinary teams, which will allow them to integrate content delivery across academic disciplines as well as get to know individual students as they help to guide their learning and inspire high achievement. 
  • Through the HTA Advisory Program, older students will mentor younger ones, and all students will develop a strong sense of physically and emotionally safety.

Tri-Lingual Thinking 

  • HTA will support students and teachers in becoming and remaining trilingual using the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
  • Subjects will be team-taught in different languages and assessed in the language that has been determined for each subject. 
  • 4Cs + Self-learning

    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Collaboration
    • Effective Communication
    • Creativity
    • Self-directed Learning

    HTA in the Media


    Еркин Татишев: «Карцерно-кабинетная система в школах уже не актуальна, нужны совершенно другие пространства и наставники, чтобы в будущем наши дети могли выиграть „войну“ с компьютерами».


    Kак родители открыли в Aлматы инновационную школу, которая работает по американской и финской методике. 


    Бриллиант из Казахстана

    Как Kusto Group реализовала международный девелоперский проект во Вьетнаме


    Как школа Еркина Татишева совмещает финскую педагогику и американское проектное обучение