HTA Design Principles


    HTA teachers practice a student-centered, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each student. Students pursue their interests through projects, and reflect on their learning. 

    Recognizing that identity development and personal growth occur in the context of community, we foster relationships of trust, caring, and mutual respect among students and adults through program design elements such as small classes, home visits, advisories, and student collaborative work.

Authentic Work 

HTA school projects incorporate inquiry across multiple disciplines, leading to the creation of meaningful and beautiful work. 

Students engage in work that matters to them, to their teachers, and to the world outside of school. 

Students connect their studies to the world through fieldwork, community based challenges, internships, and consultation with outside experts. 

Our classes are collaborative workplaces with small-group learning and project areas, relevant technology, and common spaces where artwork, prototypes, and other artifacts of student thinking are created and displayed.

Generative Collaboration

    HTA teachers collaborate to design curriculum and projects, lead professional development, and participate in hiring, while seeking student experience and voice in each of these areas. 

    With students as design partners, staff function as reflective practitioners, conducting inquiry into equitable teaching and learning, school culture, project design, and authentic assessment. We are all continuously learning.

HTA: Doing School Better

Kazakhstan, as a progressing member of the world economy, is faced with the challenges and opportunities that are presented by the exponential growth in "knowledge and information". According to IBM, human knowledge will double every 12 hours by 2020. Current education systems, as traditional sources of learning, are not designed nor have the capacity to address such growth.

High Tech Academy (HTA) is a private innovative school that offers a unique, project-based academic program designed to prepare our students to recognize and respond to the challenges and uncertainties of a complex world. Our mission is to nurture the next generations of lifelong learners to work together in solving complex challenges.  

High Tech Academy instructional design emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning connected to real-world issues and needs.

We are committed to building a school culture of responsibility, courage and kindness, where students and adults are committed to quality work and a sense of community.

Our long-term goal is to become a model for innovative, 21st century teaching and learning for the city of Almaty and Kazakhstan.


"Enhance student potential to improve the world."


"To nurture next generations of lifelong learners to work together in solving complex challenges."


  • Individual growth of each student

  • Development of Social Emotional Skills

  • Active participation in communities

HTA Values


I feel comfortable expressing my feelings, ideas and aspirations.

Freedom is not about obeying someone else, but obeying the rules and laws common to all.


I think things through and remain conscious of my actions and their effects.

I focus on being present in each moment, trying not to dwell on past events or worries about the future.


I try doing something new even if I'm scared. When learning something new, I try again and again even if I don’t excel at first. 

I do the right thing when faced with a difficult choice. If I make a mistake, I admit it, apologize and offer help. 

I ask for help when I need it.


I keep my promises and own up to my mistakes. I accept the consequences of my decisions.

Responsibility fosters respect - both self-respect and respect from others.

Growth Mindset

I learn through trying. I am not afraid to make mistakes.

I set goals and strive to improve my skills and cognitive abilities.

I can become better in any field if I make an effort. 


I strive to help people and show support, warmth (or empathy, kindness, etc.), and consideration for their well being.

I am respectful of other people’s feelings and apologize if I hurt them.


I show courtesy, consideration and sensitivity to the people around me.

I respect natural resources, the work of others, and the physical space I occupy.

I respect others, even if I do not agree with their opinion or choice. 

HTA in the Media


1 сентября в Казахстане открывается первая школа, которая будет учить не по стандартной программе, а на основе проектов.


Еркин Татишев: «Карцерно-кабинетная система в школах уже не актуальна, нужны совершенно другие пространства и наставники, чтобы в будущем наши дети могли выиграть „войну“ с компьютерами».


Kак родители открыли в Aлматы инновационную школу, которая работает по американской и финской методике. 


Бриллиант из Казахстана

Как Kusto Group реализовала международный девелоперский проект во Вьетнаме


Как школа Еркина Татишева совмещает финскую педагогику и американское проектное обучение


Основатель частной школы High Tech Academy поделился своим видением, как вывести среднее образование из кризиса.


Босиком на занятия. Какую школу построил Еркин Татишев. Почему в High Tech Academy не готовят к экзаменам и ЕНТ.